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IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 13th, 2012
Contact: Sophie Nimmannit, sophie at packofothers dot org

Fringe-Made Sweethearts Return to Boulder, with Winning Sex-Ed Comedy Conceived at the Fringe Festival

(Brooklyn, NY) - Performing sweethearts John Leo and Sophie Nimmannit are proud to bring their “fringe baby” Peg-ass-us to its place of conception: the Boulder Fringe Festival. Peg-ass-us is a melt-your-heart sweet, get-you-wet sexy, pee-your-pants funny burlesque love story, in which a charmingly mismatched, real-life couple use puppets, sing-a-longs, and comedy to guide audiences through the “ins-and-outs” of pegging, the sexual act where a woman wearing a strap-on dildo penetrates a man’s anus. (The term was coined in 2001 by readers of Dan Savage’s popular sex advice column, “Savage Love”). The show explores sexuality, identity, and communication with a partner, and delivers the sexual education everyone deserves.

This show was “conceived” when John and Sophie met at the Boulder Fringe five years ago. He was a clown from Alaska. She was a performer from Brooklyn, directing a show about “fluid” sexualities which inspired John to propose that that they make a show about their sexuality. Nine months later, what began as a fringe fling was born as a full-length show at the fringe in Montreal, and for four years, Peg-ass-us has toured the nation, spicing up festivals and tickling budding minds at college sex weeks at Yale, Brown and Bard. Along the way, it won “Best Comedy” at the San Francisco Fringe, performed at the Center for Sex and Culture (San Francisco) and the Center for Sex Positive Culture (Seattle) where it received the blessing of the nation’s foremost sex educators, and inspired awesome conversation, toy-shopping, plus who-knows-what-else. John and Sophie, now engaged, and proud to celebrate their five-year anniversary by bringing their creation back to Boulder.

Sex-Ed at its Best! - Dr. Carol Queen, co-founder of the San Francisco based non-profit Center for Sex and Culture and featured educator in Bend Over Boyfriend (1998).

"...this little theatrical workshop on sex, relationships and intimacy was informative, amusing, clever, touching and sexy all rolled up in an hour." - "Confessions Of A Fringe Addict Part Deux," by Ty C Stover. (Indianapolis Star)

Peg-ass-us Performer Bios:

John Leo is a pediatric clown doctor with NYC’s Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit and a Gold Medalist in Eccentric Dance (New York Clown Olympics ‘08). A graduate of the Dell 'Arte School of Physical Theatre, John has performed with Perseverance Theatre (Juneau, AK) and has toured with Clowns Without Borders in Mexico and Guatemala. John produces, creates and performs outrageous original comedy: In Cahoots (Best of SF Fringe 2003: Physical Theatre) ; Number's Up!, an existential Clown & chihuahua show; tinyDANGEROUSfun! a big-risk variety show in a small space and Handshake Uppercut, a hysterical mash up of Beckett, Keaton and the Marquis de Sade, that called “a brilliant piece of theater.” Through Theatre of the Oppressed NYC, John facilitates the creation of original plays with homeless LGBTQ youth. John is a recipient of an Individual Artist Project Award from the Rasmussen Foundation.

Sophie Nimmannit received her B.A. in Theater at Yale, and has trained in mask, clown, Suzuki and other forms of physical theater. She has toured with the International Theatre Collective (St. Louis), and the LIDA Project (Denver). Previous Boulder Fringe credits include Arachne and FLUID (director). In New York, she has performed with Blessed Unrest (Machinal), The South Wing (AOI! at PS122), Aeolian Theatre, and recently appeared in the premiere of Mac Wellman's 3 2's or AFAR. Sophie also works as a Joker with Theatre of the Oppressed NYC.

Pack of Others is a Brooklyn-based theater company. Its flagship show, FLUID, is a solo exploration of “bi”-sexuality written by Erika Kate MacDonald and directed by Sophie Nimmannit appeared at the Boulder Fringe in 2007. FLUID has toured to the Minnesota & Boulder Fringe Festivals, Portland (OR), New York City (Dixon Place), Wheaton College, BECAUSE '08 & '09 (Midwest Conference on Bisexuality in Minneapolis) and Harvest V, the Montreal LGBT International Theatre Festival. In 2007-2008, Pack of Others produced VOTE DEBS!, a theatrical presidential campaign for Eugene V. Debs that performed in the streets and theaters of New York City. A new show, Tap Me on the Shoulder, premiered in Northampton, MA in 2012.

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